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Monday, August 15, 2011

Play dough gym - get their little hands ready for writing...

Play dough Gym

Get those little hands ready for writing...

1) Make up a batch of play dough - I will post a simple method in a second. Make sure you make it with your child and get them to add food colouring so that it is the colour of their choice , whether that is snot, army, Ben 10, princess or sparkly. (Come on use your imagination)

2) Every day for 3 minutes play your child's favourite music : High School Musical, Barbie, The Saturdays, Take That etc.

3) Now act as the gym instructor and get your child to exercise their fingers and arm muscles "come one everybody and kneed that dough 2,3,4, and roll that dough 2,3,4...." Really exaggerate the finger and arm movements as you do it.

4) You have one fun activity that will get their fingers ready for holding a pen inno time :) xx

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